Weekly Devotions

In hopes of connecting with you each week, we will share devotions with you here! They will be

a mix of reflections, faith in action, devotions and more! They will also be posted weekly on our Facebook page. We hope you will join in the conversation and thoughts shared each week. 

MEA Break

Thursday, October 17th


September 21

God created you, so you can be creative! But why?


“We are God’s creation. He created us to belong to Christ Jesus. Now we can do good works. Long ago God prepared these works for us to do.” ~Ephesians 2:10


God created us to belong to Jesus. Jesus gave his life so we could have a relationship with Him. And it’s our relationship with Jesus that helps us see what people around us might need. We care about people, because people matter to God. We notice when they need something. That makes us want to help them out. Once we see what people need, we can use our creativity to find ways to help!


How can we use our various ways we are each creative for good and to share God's love with the creation around us!? Here are some reflections for you today...


- How are you freed knowing that you are made in God's image?

- How do you think God made you creative?

- Who is someone you see use their creativity for God's work?

- What are ways you can share a way you are creative to affect someone else's day in a positive way?


Blessings on your day everyone!


August 20

Weekly Devotions - Thursday -Perception

Let it be something good.


September 14


Pastor Jillene shares a message of God’s creation and explains Milestones.


September 17

Pastor Jillene shares todays devotion recognizing that we are created for good!

Have a wonderful week! Blessings on the journey!


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