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Daily Devotions

In hopes of connecting with you each day, we will share a daily devotion with you here! They will be a mix of reflections, faith in action, devotions and more! They will also be posted daily on our Facebook page. We hope you will join in the conversation and thoughts shared by many each day. 

MEA Break

Thursday, October 17th


March 23

Hey Friends! Yesterday in church we talked about loving our neighbor - and it maybe looks a little differently right kids of ALL AGES, what are some of the ways you are loving your neighbors this week?! Share your pictures or thoughts about what you are doing by emailing Laura at

You all are wonderful at this! I know this might go against your nature to share...but let's share some goodness and joy with each other this way!

For some ideas, please refer to the children's sermon from yesterday...


March 24

Psalm 1 explains we are happy when we know God and all God's ways. What are the things that make you happy? We can celebrate the blessings of this journey together!


March 25


March 26

“My heart, which is so full to overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music when sick and weary.”  - Martin Luther

Music is important, and can give us glimmers of hope when we need it. So, let's inspire one another. What song inspires you and brings comfort and hope in these days?

Share your answer with someone today.  Post your answer on one of Trinity's social media accounts.  Talk with someone in your household.  Or call someone and check on how they are doing, and talk about what songs helps in tough and trying times.


March 27

It's Faith in Action Friday! Bonnie Mohs shares how she lives out her Faith In Action right now by making mask.  Thanks for sharing your "Faith in Action" with us, Bonnie!

Have a wonderful week! Blessings on the journey!