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Pastor’s Message

The other night I was returning from a couple day stint in St. Paul as I finished up my continuing education hours for the year. As I was pulling into Detroit Lakes the sun was well in the process of setting for the day. It was a beautiful evening where the sunlight glimmered through the leaves. It was quite the sight. What struck me though is how I noticed the color of the leaves. Just a couple days earlier all the leaves were still quite green. That evening, it was evident that summer was coming to a close as the leaves shared this obligatory announcement. Sigh.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Fall. But I like summer too. Who doesn’t? The thing I like most about summer is that the pace is different- not slower, but different.

As I observed the first glimpses of gold, orange and red I began to feel a little anxious. My mind began to quickly flip through my ‘summer to do list’ and I started to take stock of where I was in the completion of my tasks. I guess it’s accurate to say: there is progress in all areas.

My biggest goal for this summer was to continue our work with the Roadmap Revamp initiative that began in March. (Please refer back to February, March and April Newsletters for more info). This Roadmap Revamp is Trinity’s visioning process and it takes time to keep everybody in the loop and on going commitment to keep momentum. Things are proceeding quite well in all areas!

Here is a brief synopsis of – where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.

At the end of our spring congregational gathering times, Pastor Nancy Eldredge-Hess offered 3 initiatives based on Trinity member’s responses. The initiatives are in the areas of Worship, Systems, and Mission.

WORSHIP: We will do an in-depth study of worship practices and worship needs and implement necessary changes to encourage spiritual growth and faithful attendance.

-Where we’ve been: Members of the Task Force participated in worship services during the last several months. The group watched people’s reactions and held informal conversations with worshipers about what took away from their worship experiences and what invigorated and nurtured them most.

-Where we are: This Task Force met for the last time as they finalized a recommendation to be brought to council in September.

-Where we’re going: After council receives the recommendation, council will then direct the next steps moving forward.

SYSTEMS: We’ll do an “organizational audit” to examine programs, schedules and the property to maximize congregational involvement and the utilization of church space.

-Where we’ve been: Members of the Task Force received a schedule of when and where all of the various groups meet at Trinity. Floor plans of the building have been looked at. Task Force members have also been in conversation with staff and other committee and group chairs to hear their perspective when leading ministry events.

-Where we are: The Task Force will meet Sunday September 10th at 9:30 to collate collected data.

-Where we’re going: In time, a recommendation will be brought to council.

MISSIONAL: We will be known for being a Missional church

-Where we’ve been: The Task Force has been meeting to discern how best to proceed.

-Where we are: Next meeting TBA

-Where we’re going: In time, a recommendation will be brought to council.

This Roadmap Revamp Visioning time has been absolutely life giving! I am excited to be a part of discerning where God is leading Trinity next!

As we pause to check in, I offer my sincere thanks to everyone who has helped to keep us moving forward. I also say a word of thanks to those whom God is nudging to come forward as we begin entering into the next phase of living out task force recommendations.

Summer is drawing to a close. I’m thankful I’ve been able to experience warmer days filled with more sunlight. They offer great times of experiences, conversation and times of reflection. As Fall approaches, I look forward to campfires, crunching leaves and more prayer and conversation. Each season has a simple beauty to it. Enjoy it, and recognize God’s blessings on the journey~