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Church Council and Congregation Committees

The Church Council is responsible for the general oversight of the life and activities of the congregation. Members are encouraged to use their abilities to serve on the Church Council. Several committees function under the direction of the Church Council to provide an effective church operation.


Trinity Development Fund is a separately administered fund. The general purpose of this fund shall be to receive gifts and bequests for benevolent, charitable, educational and religious purposes within the activities of Trinity Lutheran Church. The fund is administered by a seven member board of directors, all of whom must be members of Trinity.

Memorial Committee
Contact tlchurch@arvig.net
Responsible for receiving and recording of funds given in memory of a deceased persons. The committee shall keep accurate records, including an updated list of donors and names of those for whom a memorial was given. They shall also be responsible for insuring that such funds are spent in accordance with the wishes of the donors.

Life and Growth Committee
Contact Vickie Strom or tlchurch@arvig.net
(Committee of Evangelism)
“There shall be a committee of evangelism to emphasize bringing the Gospel to the unchurched and to promote spiritual life and growth within the congregation.”
Evangelism is a congregation-wide ministry and responsibility!

Finance Committee
Contact Andrew Gag or tlchurch@arvig.net
There shall be a committee of finance which shall oversee the financial, legal and corporate affairs of the congregation. The treasurer and financial secretary shall be members ex-officio.

Christian Outreach
Contact Charles Jensvold or tlchurch@arvig.net
(Social Ministry Committee)
The purpose of this committee shall be to extend Christian compassion and helpfulness to the ill, the aged, the orphaned, and the underprivileged, the imprisoned, and in general, to persons of all ages in need of aid in body or soul. It shall strive to enlist in these efforts as many as possible of the individual members and organizations of the congregations.

Worship and Music Committee
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There shall be a committee of worship and music which shall coordinate worship, music and arts within the congregation.

Property Committee
Contact Jordan Amundson or tlchurch@arvig.net
There shall be a committee of church properties which shall oversee inventory, maintenance and protection of all church properties.

Children, Youth & Family Ministry Committee
Contact Suzie Porter, Laura Morlock or tlchurch@arvig.net
Responsible for implementing, carrying-out, and over-seeing ministry programming as it relates to children, youth and families.