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About Trinity

The sanctuary at Trinity Lutheran Church

Mission Statement

Trinity Lutheran Church, established in 1897, is a community of Christians embracing people of all ages, walks of life and background.

We believe that by God’s grace, we are a family of God’s chosen people, we are redeemed, reconciled and forgiven by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and we are empowered by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of building God’s Kingdom.

As members of the body of Christ, we are committed:

– to developing and expressing our faith through regular worship in Word and Sacrament.

– to helping people grow in their faith by providing learning opportunities for persons of all ages.

– to providing an open caring environment where people can experience the love of God.

– to responding with acts of compassion to the needs of God’s children in our homes, congregation, community, nation, and world.

– to practicing responsible stewardship of all God has given to us.

– to sharing with others through word and deed the good news of Jesus Christ.

– to celebrating our faith in Jesus Christ in our daily lives.

– to living and working with others in a spirit of ecumenism.

Other thoughts

We invite you to come and engage in this construction of God’s Kingdom. We the people of Trinity believe we are a warm and welcoming community, come and feel the difference that the Holy Spirit is making in the lives of our people as they extend this same Spirit to you. Come, you are invited!  We are God’s people called to grow in faith and action.


The original Trinity Lutheran Church.

Trinity’s History

Established in 1897, Trinity Lutheran Church has a long distinguished history. From it’s rather humble beginnings on the north side of Detroit Lakes, Trinity Lutheran has provided for the care of its members through faithful proclamation of the Holy Scriptures and the administration of the sacraments.

Trinity moved from what is now Michael’s Furniture on Washington Avenue to its present location at 1401 Madison Avenue in 1961. Trinity has grown from a rather small number in 1897 to almost 1,400 baptized members today.